Surprise, Surprise.

WordPress has been really wonky the past few days.  I haven’t been able to get anything up, let alone get the site to run.  Apologies, I was actually on a roll.

While going through my whopping 23 posts on what was intended to be a revamp of what used to be an awesome blog, I realized most of them are about India.  In the last 10 months, I’ve spent most of my time in India and Uganda, but also traversed to Cairo a few times, Malaysia, London, Thailand, Chicago, Wilmington NC, Nashville and a few other hopping joints.  However, I am dead obsessed with India.

I have been since I was little.  In second grade we had to make time capsules.  One of the questions was, “If you could go anywhere int he world, where would you go?” Mine said, shockingly, India.  While it may be one of the most dirty places I have ever been to, it was also one of the most stunning, beautiful, colorful, happy, phenomenal places.

So, again, another photo from India.  This was snapped at the Daguidishi (forgive my spelling) fort in Ellora.  It was taken just after we played with some monkeys roaming in the jungle and right after we tackled the 658 steps to the top of the fort.  One day I will post photos from the top.

Actually, lets make this a dual image post and share two of the most fantastic men I’ve ever met who never said a word.  I’m not sure if they had vows of silence, if they were Hindu holy men, or just watchers of the temple and fort.  Whatever they were, I loved them.


The view from the top was quite stunning and worth all 658 steps, beads of sweat and curse words laid out along the way.  I have also come to realize India does not believe in guard rails.  We took many a road trip to the Ghats on some freaky, non guard rail roads.  And if you notice, Mr. Awesome is chilling on the side of a 70 story drop with no ledge.

Let’s prove the point with a third photo.  Below is my friend Jayant at the Ellora Caves, the oldest rock carved Buddhist Caves in the world and an Unesco World Heritage Site.  We’re pretty high up and there he is, just chilling out snapping photos of the green parrots flying around this radtastic piece carved out of ONE rock.  Yup, that whole building you see around us, behind us, near us, is one single, solid, carved piece of rock.

So there’s a LITTLE bit of a guard rail but trust me when I say, it doesn’t support much past a thought.

Oh India.  Only a few short months and I will get to feel your magic again.

Now as a promise to you, my next week of photos will not include ANY from India.  A stretch, I know.  I’m sure I have plenty more continents and countries that I can cover.

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